3 Ways to Pose in Street Style Outfits + Star Patched Boyfriend Jeans

Star Patched Boyfriend Jeans

Star Patched Boyfriend Jeans.

Star Studded Boyfriend Jeans

Star Studded Boyfriend Denim Jeans

Patched Boyfriend Jeans Street Style

Denim Boyfriend Jeans with Star Patches

Denim Boyfriend Jeans with Star Patches


Street Style Poses 3 Ways

Street Style Star Patched Boyfriend Jeans

Blue Tee and Star Patched Denim Jeans

Tee – American Eagle : Boyfriend Jeans – Macy’s : Lace up Sandals (got them in store Forever 21 but sold out online but wait list is an option other color still online here and similar here and here ) : Handbag – Forever 21 : Sunglasses : Nordstrom : Watch – Charming Charlie : Necklaces – Forever 21 in store : Lipstick – Ulta

It’s a new week and I hope it is a good one for you. Today’s post is a little different but I felt the need to share some tips for posing and I am gushing about these star patched boyfriend jeans.

So in today’s society, everyone is a model. Think about it, we are always taking pictures of ourselves or with people more than ever. But how can you really look confident and cool in pictures. Well today’s street style look is for sure an example of 3 different ways you can pose. These poses are not just for someone with a blog but any fashionista and someone who wants posing tips.

  1. Sitting Down In Style

Sitting down poses are something I use to do a lot in my early blogging days then I did all standing. I would feel awkward standing and then I felt awkward sitting. Now I am extremely comfortable doing any pose but it took a little practice getting a good comfortable sitting down pose. First, posture is key even when I am in playful poses. I always make sure to have a straight back. Also I am aware of any bunching like with a top or dress or bottom because it distracts from the lines of an outfit. I make sure to smooth out any roils that a sweater may have or any material that is creating an unnatural pooch. Also I play with the accessories I have by either wearing them like you see in the picture or putting them beside me for an ultimate fashion picture.

  1. Standing Cool

A good white or grey wall is something that I gravitate towards because it really makes any outfit pop. This outfit is quite a statement so I don’t want anything distracting from it. I also always remember good posture when I am standing. Playing with how you place your feet can make a standing pose either awkward or cool lol. Crossing the feet over is a fun way to mix it up.  I like to play with my accessories or handbag as well just to keep it very natural.

  1. Classic Street Pose

Street Style to me is all about cool and confidence. A traditional pose of street style is literally in the street. Please be safe with this suggestion. But nothing beats having a really cool street shot pose that is very New York. You do not have to live in New York to pull this off. I find that street style poses are better when they are either walking poses or standing poses with more of a reflective laid back mood. It should not be super posed because street style is more lifestyle. In the pictures, I either played with my handbag or I put my hands in my pockets for a total cool and laid back vibe. There really is an ease about classic street poses and especially in these super cute star patched boyfriend jeans.

Oh the outfit is so comfortable even down to the shoes. The star patched boyfriend jeans fit true to size and I got the 26. They are a little bit of a splurge for me but I can say that I will be wearing these star patched boyfriend jeans a whole lot. I love the light wash as well for spring and summer. Let me know if you have any questions and feedback.

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Love, Naomi Noel



20 thoughts on “3 Ways to Pose in Street Style Outfits + Star Patched Boyfriend Jeans

  1. I love those yellow heels. I have a pair of yellow heels and always get compliments on them. They make any outfit pop. Everyone should invest in a pair.

  2. wow these boyfriend years are so amazing and suit you totally well!! also love your poses – not always so easy finding the right pose:)


  3. You’re looking so gorgeous in the pictures Naomi. I am totally crushing on your star patched jeans, they look so chic. I love how you paired them with the coolest Yellow shoes, I seriously can’t believe that they were from Forever 21. I loved reading your tips on posing and I really want to do more street style shots for myself. And like you, I always feel more comfortable posing when I can play around with my accessories. Definitely going to keep these tips in mind for my next shoot :).


  4. these are all very useful tips! I love how you pose, you look very natural and I don’t imagine all the work that is behind one single picture!

  5. LIsten i never know how to pose in pictures! This post is a life saver and those jeans are awesome.
    Thank you for sharing!


  6. i am in love with your yellow sandals, they look so comfy and stylish! I also love your posing tips I always feel so awkward whenever we take pictures where is a lot of people, except fashion weeks

  7. I really love this street look, the colours are very summer and these cute yellow heels with tassels are to die for! You look really amazing.
    kisses Sharka

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