Capsule Wardrobe: My 10 Wardrobe Staples


Happy Monday! Today I am excited to share some of my capsule wardrobe including 10 items that are my wardrobe staples and why.

We all have that jacket or pair of jeans that we grab without thinking twice because we know we love them, we know we look good in them, and we know they work. Why? Because those are our go to items. I have my “go to items” in my wardrobe as well that I trust time and time again. These are also items that I can mix and match with different items. I can also wear these pieces year round. They just work with any outfit at any time. These are some items that make up my capsule wardrobe. Read on to find out why these are my trusted wardrobe items.

My 10 Wardrobe Staples

1.  My Leather Jacket – I have tried many different brands and leather jackets from all kinds of different price points. Most of them are too bulky and not feminine. Most give off a biker chick vibe which is not what I go for. Leather jackets are edgy yet they should have a feminine touch. My peplum leather jacket has that perfect feminine touch with the way the jacket was designed and the slight curve around the waist. It comes in several beautiful colors. On a more recent Instagram photo, I am wearing it here. Express brought it back again this year. I guess I am not the only one who considers it my leather jacket wardrobe staple.

2. Best Cami Ever – A good cami is an absolute necessity for me. I don’t know about you but with sheer and low cut blouses, I always have a cami on hand. Lot of camis are cheap material or they fade really easily with washing. And they have that built in bra which doesn’t work for most ladies. It’s honestly annoying right? Well this cami is the best I have found. I get new colors each time I see one I don’t have. It is great quality and doesn’t have that annoying built in bra. It is also more fitted so it doesn’t bunch up like some cami do which is great when you layer.

3. Best Nude/Neutral Pumps – This is one of those shoes that I think women should have in their wardrobe. A classic nude/neutral colored pump goes with so many outfits. It is especially good for spring and summer. This is such a comfortable pump and holds the quality. I am very picky with my shoes so this one has been a consistent winner for me each season. I have this pump in several different colors.

4. Best and Most Versatile Earrings – If you have followed my blog more than a few days (lol seriously) then you have absolutely seen these earrings over and over. You might think I do not have any other earrings. But the truth is, they just work with any outfit. The silver and gold/neutral color I have, I truly mix and match them with any outfit. I never leave the house without earrings on so these are ones I grab to pair with a dress or even jeans and a sweater. They aren’t too big but just the right size to add instant style to any outfit. Anyone would look great with these earrings. They come in many colors on the site.

5. Best Cardigan – A good cardigan is essential for year round. Even in the summer, places are cold inside like office and restaurants etc. I love this cardigan because it is soft and the different colors they have go with any outfit. The cardigan usually comes in a lighter weight version for spring/summer. But the one I am linking is fall/winter but it is not super-hot and heavy. This is another capsule wardrobe item that I know is a well-loved cardigan by many women including myself. Actually this cardigan was in one of my most popular and pinned outfit posts on my Pinterest this year.

My 10 Wardrobe Staples - Capsule Wardrobe

6. Best Suede Jacket – I talked about in this blog post (I’m wearing it there) how I had my eye on this suede jacket last year. I tried it on and was obsessed. The quality is amazing and it is perfect for fall and winter. I bought it for myself this year and have already gotten so much use out of it. It is one of my wardrobe staples that I will wear for years to come. It is classy and a very good investment. It instantly dresses up and outfit with just a simple tee and jeans or perfect over a dress or with a blouse and skirt. It comes in several colors.

7. Best Denim Jacket – Much like my trial and error with my must have leather jacket, I tried many different denim jacket brands. A lot of them are either cropped or bulky or don’t fit well. They also fade easily. This is one I randomly decided to try out last year and it was a win. I have gotten other colors and I wear it all the time. I actually wear it a lot for work and in the summer for something professional yet casual.

8. Best Black Skinny Jeans of all Time – I really don’t need to explain how important it is to have a classic black pair of skinny jeans. The list goes on. These skinny jeans I wear all year long and every single week. They are slimming and fit just right. They are high waited which is perfect for sucking everything in. They are more comfortable than any PJ bottoms I have ever had. They stretch perfectly. They do not fade easily. They are one of the best clothing items I have ever purchased. They have 30 and 32 inseam. I wear 26 by 30 and it’s the perfect fit. See them on me here and here and tons of posts.

9. Best Patent Leather Black Pumps – Just like the nude/neutral colored pumps, the black leather pump is a must have and a classic. I wear these black patent leather pumps all the time. These are my favorite by the same brand as the nude/neutral color ones. These are comfortable and such great quality.

10. Best Denim Skinny Jeans – Last but not least in my 10 wardrobe staples are my most worn and most loved pair of jeans I own. I have had these for 3 years now and wear them every week except the blazing summer days in Houston lol. The dark denim wash is perfect with any blouse or top. The dark wash is classic and also very slimming. The jeans are comfortable and very versatile. They are perfect to pair with booties like here or tuck in with boots here or with heels. They come in regular, short, and tall. I wear the 0 short and it’s the perfect fit.

Thank you for reading today’s fun post. Let me know in the comments below if you want more posts like this.

My 10 Wardrobe Staples and Why - Capsule Wardrobe


My 10 Wardrobe Staples and Why - Capsule Wardrobe

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