When The Hustle Isn’t Worth It

When the Hustle Isn't Worth It.

Our society today constantly challenges us to hustle and strive toward our goals. We live in an ultra-fast pace world where we are just trying to keep up. It seems as soon as we catch up, we realize we are behind. But are we? What are we racing for? Is there a race and is it really worth all the hustle?

Today’s method of work hard to get what you want has turned into an obsession for some. This mentality that blood and sweat and certainly no time for tears is the slogan of success. But I am challenged sometimes by what I see from this push at all cost mentality to get to the top especially for what it can do to an individual. When is the hustle not worth it?

  1. The hustle isn’t worth it when your heart is not in it.

I touched on this in the past in the Goal Series. I talked about how whatever goals you have, make sure they are in your heart and not just your head. If you are trying to make or force something to happen, it will show out eventually. The burnout will come and being drained will show. Even if it doesn’t seem to show on the outside, how will you really feel on the inside? Can you really feel good about what you’re doing?

When the Hustle Isn't Worth It

2. The hustle isn’t worth it if it affects your well-being.

This point carries over from the point one. It is great to work hard and reach for your goals, but if you’re not taking time to take care of yourself, honestly is anything worth that? I would argue no. Well-being and that includes emotional, physical, and psychological, should never be comprised no matter what the goal.

3. The hustle isn’t worth it when you hurt people in general.

Unfortunately there are people that will step on people’s heads to get to the top. Whatever the top is like the lead this or the head manager, some people crave it too bad to the point of hurting others. I believe and I’m sure you believe in your heart that you will do great things in life. But having a good name is better than riches (Proverbs 22:1). What legacy do you want to leave behind when you reach whatever you are hustling for? Will your name along with that accomplishment be associated with good?

4. The hustle isn’t worth it when it compromises your personal relationships.

This point is talking about your close relationships like your family and friends. As someone who didn’t have relatives in my life growing up, I respect those who have close families. If you have that, hold onto that even. Don’t take that for granted. We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

I am convinced if you have family (blood or those who have loved you as such) and even 1 good friend, you are rich. Put the phone down, take a few minutes away from your school studies, send your mom a thinking of you letter or whatever you need to do to reach out to family and friends. Busy is always there and most things will be there when you return. Money, degrees, promotions, stuff etc. cannot replace the value of beautiful moments with loved ones.

When the Hustle Isn't Worth It

5. The hustle isn’t worth it when you are not growing as a person.

This really wraps up the other 4 points but I truly believe a great goal to hustle for, is to become a better person.

Also, while you are out there trying to make things happen for you, are you making anything happen for someone else? Are you giving back to others along the way with your time or even a simple smile? There are people around us every day hurting and need kindness extended.

Thank you for reading. Anytime I write, I always write for something to chew on so to speak. And hey I’m learning and walking out things I write about too.

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When the Hustle Isn't Worth It

Love, Naomi Noel