Red & Pink Is Not Just for Valentine’s Day : Lace Up Tank Style

Red and Pink Is Not Just for Valentine's Day

Red Lace Up Tank and Denim Jeans

All Over Lace Red Lace Up Tank

Red Lace up Tank and Distressed Jeans

Red Lace Up Tank with Denim Jeans

Red All Over Lace Up Tank

Red Lace Up Top with Denim Jeans

All Over Lace Up Lace Tank

All over Lace up Tank (2 other colors too) : Jeans (only a few left same ones just I rolled up the bottom and similar here ): Handbag : Earrings : Sunglasses : Pumps : Lipstick (634 Strong Matte)

Hey everyone! Hope your day has been great. Not going to lie but today was rough in many ways but writing makes me feel better. And a good outfit always helps too. Ladies you get it lol.

I’m one of those people who usually thinks a pink and red outfit can look like a Valentines outfit really fast. It’s true but not all the time. Keeping simple pieces of red and pink can easily be a casual or date night style for summer as well. For example, my red lace up tank is the dominant color in this outfit. I knew I needed to add cooler tones to balance it out. So I grabbed my lighter/blush colored pink handbag and earrings to keep it cute but not overdone. The colors balance each other. So red and pink together can easily be a cute summer outfit.

Another tip I love is making something feminine and edgy at the same time. Ripped jeans makes the outfit a little more edgy.  And adding some ripped jeans gave the lace up tank a more modern approach. I also rolled up my jeans to make them more boyfriend style and more laid back.

Oh these jeans are almost sold out. They have been out for a while so you can only get these jeans with the link I linked. I looked everywhere for other places but that’s it. I also linked similar. The brand is a newer brand to me that I haven’t tried before this year. I’m obsessed now. Check it out! Let me know any questions you may have with sizing or requests.




Love, Naomi Noel