What Are You Subscribing To? What Are You Allowing in Your Life?

What Are You Subscribing To

What are you subscribing to? What are you allowing in your life?

Websites or social media outlets constantly advertise to sign up, join their mailing list, or subscribe. People sign up and subscribe daily to all kind of things and agree to get emails or notifications. This is the same concept that can happen in our personal lives. What are you agreeing to and allowing in your life? What are you subscribing to?

Why do people subscribe or sign up for something? There is usually an incentive attach to it. There is also usually a benefit to it like a coupon, discount, or some type of package deal. On the other hand, people may also subscribe because they like something like subscribing to a YouTube channel. Either way, there is a motive and a benefit for people because they chose to subscribe or sign up for something.

Life should be the same way. Whatever you are agreeing to and allowing in your life should overall benefit your life. Hear me out. Is what you are subscribing to and allowing in your life, helping you grow and live a healthier life? Here are some points to consider.

What relationships are you subscribing to?

First, relationships are the number one thing that we all encounter whether it’s family, professional, friendships or romantic relationships. Factually, not all relationships we can choose like family. You can’t pick your blood relatives right lol. However, you can pick what you allow into your life with any relationship even with family. You can choose to subscribe to the bitterness or negativity that runs in your family. On the other hand, you can instead choose to subscribe to fresh vision and hope for your own future.

Next, what about friendships or dating relationships? This is also really important because you can usually choose both of these types of relationships. Are these relationships adding to your life in a positive and healthy way? Are they also encouraging, strengthening, and bringing joy to your life? If the answer is no or you are not sure where you stand with some of your relationships, maybe it is time to reevaluate those “subscriptions”.

Subscribing to Negativity

Our world is surrounded with negativity everywhere. The news and social media outlets most of us listen to or read daily can be an unfortunate source of negativity. Even people and relationships we interact with can also remind us of the negativity that surrounds us. It is easy to take that negativity into your mind and heart.

For example, you can choose to unsubscribe to the negativity of your coworker instead of going along with them and complaining about the world. Additionally, you can also choose to unsubscribe to a friendship that is constantly draining you instead of filling your life with joy and strength.

Exclusive Subscriptions

Finally, there are plenty of subscriptions with exclusive deals. There are subscriptions with a free eBook or a giveaway when you subscribe. This can be an incentive for some people to subscribe because only those who sign up will benefit.

Are you being exclusive to who you surround yourself with? This is a key point also in dating relationships or friendships. Your life is the most exclusive event you’ll ever attend. Not everyone is meant to be on the red carpet beside you (author unknown). Are you being exclusive by allowing a healthy environment and outlook to surround your life? Be exclusive to what subscriptions you are subscribing to. Be exclusive to what or who you allow in your life.

For tips on how to live a healthy and balanced life also check out 5 Tips to Living a Balanced Life.

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What Are You Subscribing To?

Love, Naomi Noel



6 thoughts on “What Are You Subscribing To? What Are You Allowing in Your Life?

  1. Naomi, I’ve said something similar before but, you have a real gift with words and a lot of wisdom. I’m sure you were raised well and God has obviously given you wisdom beyond your years. I check in occasionally to see what you have to say. Today was a great read. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. This is an excellent post to do a self check. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve eliminated a lot of people out of my life because their lifestyle didn’t mesh with my walk with God.

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