The Best Grey Lace Up Tee for All Year Long

Grey Lace Up Tee with White Denim

Grey Lace Up Top with White Denim

Grey and Tan Neutral Colored Casual Outfit

Grey Lace Up Tee

Grey Lace Up Top

Grey Lace Up Top and White Deim Jeans

Grey and Tan Street Style

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Grey Lace Up Tee with Neutral Colors Street Style.

Lace Up Tee (several colors ) White Denim Jeans : Heel Sandals : Handbag : Earrings : Sunglasses (proceeds go to charity check it out) : Lipstick

Happy weekend! Today I squeezed in taking some photos before it rained again. But after that I basically did nothing which was nice. Today is totally opposite from last Saturday’s hustle.

I know the big buzz has been the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. There are a few posts up already so you can check that out here and more. But today’s post is not a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post lol. Today’s outfit of the day is a casual and street style grey and tan/neutral colored outfit.

Y’all know by now I love Lace up tees. Like this gorgeous all over Lace up tank couldn’t get in my shopping bag fast enough. This other Lace up Tank is still my favorite and softest white tee I have gotten. I really have an obsession with Lace up tops. Lace up tops are so cute and sophisticated and flirty all at the same time lol.

This grey lace up tee is perfect for anytime of the year. It’s great to pair with white Denim or shorts for spring and summer. It’s great to pair with Pastel Colors for Spring. It’s great to pair with tan or blue colors for fall. It’s also great for winter because grey is a cool color. The tee comes in several other colors too to mix and match with your wardrobe.

Thank you for checking out today’s new grey and neutral colored look. Anytime you have questions feel free to ask me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I am about to make some brownies and watch Hidden Figures again. I am all about movies on the weekends!


Love, Naomi Noel