Review of the Body Con Dress of the Season

Lavender Body Con Dress with Burgundy Cardigan

Lavender Body Con Dress for Fall

Body Con Dress for Fall with Cardigan

Body Con Dress for Fall Season

Cardigan and Body Con Dress for Fall

Body Con Dress with a Cardigan for Fall

Body Con Tank Dress ( I am wearing Lavender but many colors and in long sleeve here) : Cardigan and another from same brand: Handbag : Suede Booties : Sunglasses : Earrings : Lipstick : Nail Polish

Happy Monday! Today I am reviewing one of the hottest dresses this past month, the body con tank dress.

As a blogger, I am on Instagram scrolling through a lot and I constantly see trends and popular clothing items. A dress I saw over and over again was this body con tank dress. It comes in several colors and I have seen it styled a bunch of different ways. I completely ignored it because I am not into body con dresses. Plus from a blogging perspective, I didn’t want to bore people with being yet another blogger with the same dress. But I read the reviews on this dress and curiosity was killing me.  I caved in and ordered it.

I ordered a size up since it was advised to do so. I often wear XS but I got a size small. I had no intentions of wearing it by itself so I only sized up once. If I was to wear this dress by itself, I would consider going up 2 sizes.  If you have anything but a flat booty then maybe even 2 sizes up if you plan on wearing it by itself. But that’s just my take. The dress is actually very soft and comfortable on. Even though it is a body con dress, I didn’t feel the clingy feeling I hate with some clothes.  There were some reviews saying the material was sheer, I really didn’t feel it was. Actually for it being inexpensive, the material was thicker than some other dress I have bought at a higher price.

Styling this dress would work for the office or dinner especially with a long cover up like a cardigan just to balance it out. It would even look cute with a blazer for work. Layering something over it does balance it out so it’s not so much focus on the form fitting aspect of it. But that may be your style to wear this dress on its own. The color I got was lavender by the way.  It does come in a similar long sleeve version click here. It doesn’t have as many colors though.

I hope you enjoyed my review of this dress tonight. I have another dress I will be honestly reviewing in a other blog post as well.  Take care everyone!


Love, Naomi Noel