Spring Dance : Dancing Even In the Rain

green spring dress

dancing in a dress

dancing in a garden

dancing in a spring garden

sitting on the swing

spring dress and straw hat

spring dress

take a bow

Hello everyone! I hope you had a blessed Easter. This week is already rocking and rolling. Today’s post is more than just a style post, it is a post about staying positive. 

On the day of the photoshoot the wind was super crazy. A storm was coming in and I was concerned about the rain. Thankfully, the sun came out that morning but the wind was a force to be reckon with. I had to walk around holding my dress and hair the entire time. I just kept laughing though because hey it’s nature. You can’t have any control over it and there is no sense in getting frustrated about something you can’t control. In the midst of wanting to get good pictures I reminded myself to just let go and live. Then, I started to dance. Dance is something that is so natural to me and something that I love so much. Joy started welling up inside of me. Suddenly, I  no longer cared if my hair was just right, because I  was getting my dance on. You know what? These are probably my favorite pictures I have taken so far as a blogger. There was a   lesson I took from it. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”. There is a lot of rain in my life right now and maybe in your life too. Don’t let the circumstances stop you from dancing. I know no one can stop me from my spring dance!

(P.S. I should say something about the outfit lol – the dress is perfect for so many occasions custom to the event (maybe add a blazer etc) and flattering on anyone, the shoes are super comfortable and the hat is a perfect accessory to complete this spring look).

Dress – Anthropologie : Shoes – Moda Spana : Hat – Target

Bowing out now.





Love, Naomi Noel



9 thoughts on “Spring Dance : Dancing Even In the Rain

  1. Gorgeousness!, in life you will encounter great storms but also wonderful peaceful winds. Rain comes and goes but when the sun comes up and the clouds drift away, it makes you appreciate the storms in life. We all go through them, it’s a matter of “not letting your heart be troubled, trust always in God and in Jesus as well” Jn 14:10

  2. Yes I agree with this post overall. There has been times where weather doesn’t cooperate and honestly I get so frustrated. That’s when you really think to yourself am I really getting frustrated over this lol. I love all this photos you are so gorgeous and by the look of the photos and what I have communicated through you seem like a wonderful woman with a kind heart! Always push forward no matter the situation you’re in! You have a positive community surrounding you ??

      1. Yes!!! If you ever plan your vacation over here let me know! I’ll gladly show you around ? We can also get some great shoots in for our blogs!!

  3. Ms Naomi, As your momma’s online Etsy friend from Spring, Tx, and a Christian as well, I’m totally enjoying your posts. Just shared your blog and hoping others will stop in for a refreshing and timely message. Thank you so much for your open spirit, your grace and beauty, both inside and out. All the best best as prayers go up for your every success.

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