Teal Dress with Split Front : Selena Gomez Inspired

Teal Dress with Split Front

Teal Dress with Split Front

Teal Dress with Split Front

Teal Wiggle Dress with Diff Eyeweat Sunglasses

Teal Wiggle Dress from ASOS

Teal Dress with Split Front

Teal Dress with Slit Front

Teal Dress with a Split Front

Teal Wiggle Dress with Slit

Teal Dress with Split Front

Teal Dress with Split Front (and similar and : Handbag (Charming Charlie not online): Earrings : Sunglasses : Pumps : Lipstick

Happy Monday! Honestly, this weekend I was unable to get this post up due to being out of town. I didn’t want to just throw it up on my blog so I decided to wait till I could concentrate. Anyways today’s Teal dress with a split front is bringing all the sassy vibes.

Ok when I first saw this dress I thought of a red carpet look that Selena Gomez wore years ago. I am a huge fan of her so I somehow have this memory of her red carpet looks. Yet I forget where my own stuff is all the time. Sigh. But I remembered she wore a similar look with a teal dress here. So when I saw this teal dress with split front, I felt it was the perfect date night look or for an event. Now most of us do not have red carpet events but we can look every bit glamorous just the same. The split front of this dress is for sure flirty but not too much. The sleeves are so feminine. Obviously I was feeling the dress. It is such a good price which immediately lead me to hit checkout lol.

Oh about the accessories the nude pumps will always be my favorite nude pumps because they don’t kill my feet. So that is the end of the story. The gorgeous sunglasses were gifted to me from Diff Eyewear that gives proceeds of their sales to charity. In fact the charity is to provide vision care for in need families in Africa. It is legitimate and such a beautiful cause. Their name diff is derived from difference in making a difference.

I do sometime draw fashion and style inspiration from celebrities like Selena Gomez because they are often wearing new trends first. They do start trends because often they get pieces fresh from the runway or fresh from a new collection before it’s in the stores. They have stylists of course but it is fun sometimes to draw inspiration from them. Another way I keep up with celeb fashion is from my favorite fashion magazines Instyle and People Style Watch. When I have a little down time I do read those magazines.

Who is your style or fashion icon? What are some of your favorite magazines to keep up with trends? Comment below.



Love, Naomi Noel